September 4, 2013, 2:30 PM

Our English Bible and the Modern Translations

I have talked to people who  honestly and ignorantly believe that the King James Version of the Bible is the only inspired translation of scripture. The "King James only" controversy has been brewing for sometime now and there does not seem to be any end to the arguments anytime soon. I new a fine Christian man in a former church who would yell a loud "amen" when ever I announced I was reading out of the King James.

But to be sure the King James Version of the Bible has stood the test of time and has proven to be a beautiful and reliable translation that has reached the world for Christ over the past four hundred years. It is excellent in its accuracy to the original Greek. It is beautiful in its cadance and style. The problem lies in its difficulty for the modern reader. The language is archaic and hard to sometimes follow. So began the need for a modern translation. Just as the 1611 edition needed to be revised so was there a need for more modern translations of the scriptures.

If accuracy is the only issue then rating the translations would be only reasonable. The King James Version, American Standard Version, New American Standard Version, New  King James Version, Holman Christian Standard , and English Standard Versions are all rated as excellent in their accuracy to the original Greek.

Other popular translations such as the New International Version and New Living Translations are rated as good to excellent in their accuracy to to the original language.

The difference really is found  in whether the translation is a word for word translation or a thought for thought translation and if there are any inconsistancies to the original Greek in either picking an English word for a Greek word in  which there is no English equivilent, or, if the thranslation of the meaning or  thought of the original writer is accuratly portrayed.

Therefore, in the final analysis most of the popular modern translations are absolutely trustworthy and can be rendered accurate to the original Greek language.

I recommend comparing and using the different translations in parallel in order to discover the richness of the words used. In my years of study I have discovered that one translation might be weak in its use of a certain word and stronger in others. There should not be any controversy only the study of God's Word for all its worth!


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